Software Downloads

iBeat Clock is a Dashboard Widget that shows Swatch iBeats (even down to hundredths of a beat). Version 1.1 clears up an inconsistancy between seconds and hundredths.

Quote of the Moment is a Dashboard Widget that gets inspiring quotes from the "Page not found--404" quote engine when you click it. It's kind of addicting.

The Rasta Millennium Countdown Clock is a Dashboard Widget that counts down the days, hours, minutes, and seconds until we are in the second millennium (you Gregorian calendar folks got some practice, but a Rasta New Year party is more fun).

MakeISO will convert a Mac "Volume" formatted image to ISO 9660 (Joliet) to ensure that Windows viewers will at least see something.

There's also an alpha version of a new copy of my first (1977) computer game.

It's on hold until I have a chance to look at the iPhone SDK (3/6/08), but it's currently workable on an iPhone just fine. I just don't want to make my server do work that the iPhone could just as easily do.

All work copyright writch